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Many people reach the age of Medicare eligibility while continuing to work. And lots of individuals have health insurance through their employers. The fact of the matter is, retirement used to be closely linked to turning 65. This is no longer the case. The full retirement age – when you can receive 100% of your social security retirement benefit – is 66 for anyone born in 1943. And the age is 67 if you were born in 1960 or later. However, Medicare eligibility still begins at 65, even if retirement does not.What's the best Medicare Strategy for you?

social security claiming

There are many Social Security Strategies. Which one is right for you?

You can claim your Social Security Benefits anytime between ages 62 and 70.

We can run a Social Security Timing Report to show you actual dollars you will receive monthly using various strategies.

We can actually file your Social Security claim while sitting with you.

college application

We provide assistance to you and your child during college application

We analyze each college on your child's list for parameter such as cost, geographical preference, majors, and application criteria.

We run a net price calculator against each school (where possible) to better try to predict what your costs will be.

We also provide assistance with the application essays (Common App) and other writing samples using both internal and external writing experts.

We work with your child to give them a process for searching and applying for private scholarship dollars.


  • Social Security Timing/Medicare Claiming

  • Tax Clarity During Retirement

  • The College Process

  • Lunch and Learns at Your Company

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