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Are you prepared for life's ups and downs? Retirement?


Our Unique Approach

For over 20 years, J Shinn & Associates has been providing families with solutions to retirement and insurance problems.


We have been assisting clients with understanding the process of applying for government programs (Social Security, Medicare) in a thoughtful, professional way, and applying logical solutions to insurance and retirement problems.


Our process can help you avoid common pitfalls that occur and make the financial decisions stress free.


Determining Medical Costs

Most people have no idea what future Medical Costs are going to be or how to determine them.

Missing Key Deadlines

Do you need to apply for Medicare at 65? or for Social Security? In most instances, decisions you make are irrevocable; you cannot change them if you miss a deadline.

Not Protecting the Nest Egg From Loss

Different accounts react to market conditions differently. Have you protected your dollars to maximize gain, minimize loss? 

How Taxes are Applied

Taking money from the wrong account can cause you to pay too much in taxes, which can erode your retirement income too fast. You can add years to the length of time your money lasts just by how you use your retirement accounts. 

Not Having A Plan

You need a plan in place to guide you through the process of creating an income stream during your retirement. We will help you set up your ‘paychecks’ during retirement.

Affects Required Minimum Distributions

How will the application of required Minimum Distributions affect your medicare premiums and overall taxation of your nest egg.

The Virtual Answer for your insurance and retirement



Jack Shinn is an experienced financial professional with almost three decades in the financial services industry. Jack earned his BA from Rutgers University with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Finance. After his graduation from Rutgers, Jack spent 9 years on Wall Street, providing automated solutions to MIS problems using Logical and Physical Data Design Techniques.

He has contributed to numerous articles appearing in Digital Marketing - Fit Small Business, Insurance Newsweek Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and US News & World Report. Jack has also been a frequent contributor to Horsesmouth, LLC in print, in-person interviews, and as a subject matter expert/guest contributor during numerous online webinars. Jack is certified by Horsesmouth, LLC to conduct public workshops in  Savvy College Planning and Savvy Social Security Claiming.

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